ProDentim:The biggest smile, fully rejuvenated teeth,gums,cemented, and no more bad breath.

Introducing: ProDentimThe Prodentim is by far our most original and well endorsed dental product we’ve created so far!

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Prodentim comes in the form of a melting probiotic candy that targets the mouth flora or “the microbiome”. The microbiome is an ever growing trend when it comes to dental health and will soon become an obsession.

Twist! This product also addresses: the respiratory tract and allergies, digestive problems and weight loss.

Brand new probiotics specially designed for the health of your enamel and Gums try PRODENTIM a unique Blend of 3.Five billion probiotic traces and Nutrients backed by way of clinical studies.

Newly Medical Discovery,January 2023

A recent study positioned out in the springer nature e-book observed that human beings who’ve appropriate teeth have a excessive populace of right bacteria within the mouth.

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Proprietary Blend of 4 Plants and Minerals

  • Inulin supports the good bacteria
  • Malic acid in strawberries helps maintain tooth whiteness
  • Tricalcium Phosphate supports tooth health
  • Peppermint is a natural anti-inflammatory

As it turns out, many not unusual dental merchandise (consisting of toothpaste and mouthwash) comprise poisonous substances that may spoil the microbiome in the mouth. This explains why teeth can thrive for loads of years outdoor the mouth (in fossils), even as in our mouth they get ruined by some thing so simple as chocolate.

What is prodentim?

Prodentim is not like some thing you’ve ever tried or experienced in your life earlier than. It’s the handiest product in the global with a completely unique mixture of three.Five billion probiotics and Nutrients, especially designed to repopulate your mouth with Good Bacteria.Every prodentim you chew will help the Goodi health of your Gums and tooth.

Inside each prodentim you’ll discover:

three.Five billions of probiotics, together with three precise components which might be clinically proven to assist the health of your tooth and gums.

1. Lactobacillus paracasei

Supports the fitness of your Gums.

Helps your sinuses live free and open.

2. Lactobacillus reuteri

Helps with inflammation.

Supports a healthy mouth environment.

3. B. Lactis BL-04

Supports the stability of mouth micro organism.

Supports respiratory tract.

Maintains a healthy immune device.

4. Proprietary combo of 4 flora and minerals

Inulin supports the Good micro organism.

Malic acid in strawberries helps maintain enamel whiteness.

5 helps tooth fitness

Peppermint : is a herbal anti-inflammatory.



• Natural formula.

• easy to use.

• No stimulants.

• Non-dependancy Forming.

• Gluten unfastened.

• Non-GMO.

Real prodentim users. (Real lifestyles-changing outcomes :

Prodentim is playing better oral fitness

I’ve constantly taken such Good care of my tooth but it continually felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Now, for the primary time in decades, my enamel experience brilliant.

Portia Thompson Loves her fresh Breath….

It’s just implausible how a good deal I like prodentim. I’m so Glad my dentist advocated it to me!”

(Portia Thompson–Florida, USA)

Theo Franklin doesn’t spend fortunes on dentists…

“My Gums have by no means regarded Better. It feels so correct to no longer ought to worry approximately my tooth. I virtually like it!”

(Theo Franklin–chicago, USA)

How and why does prodentim work?

We’ve always been advised that “bad” Bacteria are to Blame for all dental diseases however, upon a more in-depth look, scientists have found out that imbalance inside the oral health is as a result of the dearth of right bacteria.

The populace of precise bacteria may be harmed by not unusual dental merchandise that could comprise poisonous elements. This explains why enamel can thrive for thousands of years outdoor of the mouth, whilst in our mouth they get ruined by way of simple chocolate.

In order to aid the fitness of your tooth and gums, you need to repopulate your mouth with Good micro organism and provide a wholesome surroundings for the traces to develop in.

Prodentim is a medical doctor–formulated mix that Gathers five scientifically tested, potent strains, combining a complete of 3.5 billion suitable micro organism into one modern dissolvable sweet.

This probiotic candy additionally goals your respiratory machine, assisting your body to stay unfastened from hypersensitive reactions, while additionally promoting restful sleep and suitable digestion.

Are there any facet consequences?

Prodentim has been designed for all ages and scientific conditions. All the components internal of prodentim have been commonly taken into consideration to be secure, and are continuously tested for purity and to make certain against toxins and contaminants.

Moreover, prodentim is manufactured in an FDA-accepted facility, under sterile, strict and precise standards.

As constantly, if you presently have a medical situation otherwise you’re taking different prescription medicinal drug, we propose you to expose a bottle of prodentim on your medical doctor before you’re taking it, just to put your mind at ease.

When and the way must I take prodentim?

Recommend you slowly bite a pill each morning to support the health of your entire body, Gums and teeth.

What if it doesn’t paintings for me? Can you inform me about the guarantee once more?

The extra outcomes we see, the stronger we Believe prodentim has the energy to convert lives. It’s authentic, though, that nothing works for 100% of the folks that strive it as each frame works in its very own way.

That’s why each bottle of prodentim comes with an ironclad 60-day Money lower back assure. If, for any cause, you aren’t completely glad with the consequences, you can just return what you haven’t used for a full, absolute confidence requested refund.

How can I get began?

It’s very easy! Just click on the button under now to go to secure order checkout web page, input to your information, and we’ll immediately get to paintings shipping prodentim proper to the doorstep.

A hundred% delight 60-day money back guarantee:

Your order nowadays is included through our iron-clad 60 day 100% Money-back assure. If you are not impressed by means of the transformation of your Gums and tooth otherwise you don’t appreciate your Hollywood — superstar smile, then at any time within the next 60 days write to us and we’ll refund every unmarried cent.


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